Drift-Inc. Private Hire Days

About us- Drift-Inc private track hire days

While our public drift days at Pembrey Circuit in Wales offer a fantastic amount of seat time, we offer private hire days on the same track with a maximum of six drivers. This not only gives you up to six hours undisturbed potential track time, but we can cater for all your requirements whether you’re there for practice, car set up and testing, tuition, or purely fun.
The track layout and direction can be varied multiple times during the day to suit your needs and it can be set up as a full circuit layout like a conventional practice day, or with a start and finish line if you wish to simulate competition.






Drift-Inc Private hire days (DRIFT track)

6 drivers max (minimal pit crew i.e. 1 person , no spectators)

Practice/tuition/set up/first time drift

Several staff members on site to give 1-1 tutoring

Whatever layout you decide on the day and changeable through the course of the day

6 drivers £150 each

Additional Tyre van on site for free tyre changeovers at the cost of £150 for the day

6 hrs track time

Briefing and sign on 9:15

Track live 9:30-12:30


Track live 13:00-1600

If you want to book a day with your group of drivers please contact me via email Gordon@gtec.events

Thank you, Drift-Inc staff


video below of old circuit will update as soon after our first public  practice day at end of October



video by ToroLoco Productions

pictures by lensburn