Rules and Regs

​Track Rules & Safety
At Drift-Inc we want you to enjoy yourself, but your safety is extremely important to us while you are out on track, so we have some rules and regulations to make sure no-one gets hurt while having fun:

All drivers to attend briefing and sign on
5 MPH speed limit in pits and all access roads to and from track.
No static burnouts on track.
No smoking on track or after passing the briefing building. This includes vapes.
Obey the flags at all times;
Red flag – come to a safe controlled stop.
Yellow flag – incident ahead on track, slow down until clear of yellow flag incident.
Black/white chequered flag – End of session. Also used to remove driver / car from track for mechanical or other reason.
All drivers must wear helmets at all times while on track.
All drivers must wear overalls at all times while on track.
All tyres to be taken home UNLESS DISPOSAL IS PAID FOR.


Under no circumstances should drivers or passengers exit their vehicle on track. If you have a mechanical failure, you should attempt to get the car to a safe position. If your vehicle is immobilised stay in the cockpit with harness and helmet on until a marshal tells you otherwise. In the event of a fire, exit the vehicle as safely as possible.
To sign on as a driver you must have a full UK licence and not be suspended. You must provide your photocard license at sign on. Failure to produce your photocard license ​will mean you will not be ​allowed on track and you will not be refunded.
No passengers except in the Drift Taxis or a driver under tuition by a member of staff.
All drivers must be signed on. No wristband – No track time

The Car:

For everyone coming to Pembrey, this is the minimum standard we expect your cars to be at:

​All vehicles must be maintained to a satisfactory standard.
The noise limit for Drift-Inc practice days is 102 DB at three-quarters throttle in a static test. The noise limit will also be monitored throughout at the day.
​Can’t believe I got to add this but your car MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 3 POINT SEATBELT OR ​HARNESS and seats secured.
FLUID LEAKS. With engine running, ANY fluid leaking fails. Check fuel lines along length of car, and oil / coolant under engine.
BOOT / INSIDE CAR. Must be empty. NO loose items at all (Including E-Cigs). Helmet and overalls / gloves allowed loose in car for during checking only
OVERALL APPEARANCE. Body panels must not have any sharp protrusions and be fitted securely. Lights / indicators if fitted must be secure. Fog lights must be secured if fitted. Cars MUST have working rear brake lights
BOOT LID / BONNET. Must be able to be secured somehow. Must not be able to open without a mechanical catch operated.
FIRE EXTINGUISHER.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED a handheld fire extinguisher mounted within reach of driver while harnesses are tight.
ROLL CAGE. If fitted, MUST be very secure with NO movement. ALL Convertibles must have roll cage fitted, minimum half cage behind driver with diagonal brace to passenger side floor, no show cages or chrome roll hoops. Cage padding must be installed anywhere on your cage within 150mm of drivers helmet.
CONVERTIBLE VEHICLES. If roof is down it MUST be tied/straped down or fixed down by mechanical method.
WHEEL NUTS. Minimum of 4 in a 4 stud hub, and 4 in a 5 stud hub. No exceptions.
BATTERY. Must be secured. Must not be able to move while car is in motion.
Cars must have all factory glass or perspex replacement windows (driver and passenger window glass can be replaced by approved netting)
TOWING EYES. All vehicles must have front and rear tow points or straps present and be accessible. OEM SCREW IN TYPE NO LONGER ALLOWED as they tend shear when under tension at an angle and deemed unsafe.

Cars MUST be inspected by Drift-Inc staff before entry to track will be permitted (usually starts 8am and inspection sticker fitted). During the event it may be deemed necessary to inspect a car for a fault. It may be prohibited from using the track until any faults are rectified.

All decisions by DRIFT-INC staff are final.

​FINAL RULE IS to have lots and lots of fun and be safe.
If you have any questions regarding these rules or need anything clarified please get in touch​with us before an event to avoid disappointment.

​Highlighted areas indicate revisions
​Rules and regulations revised 28/1/2018
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