Driver Rules

Fire retardant race suit, race gloves and race boots must be worn always during practice
and qualification driving.
Recommended – Flame resistant overalls should be manufactured from Nomex III, Proban
or equivalent materials.
These should bear one of the following standards: FIA 8856-2000, FIA 8856-2000, FIA
1986 Standard, BS6249 part 1 Index A or B (but not part C), BSEN533, EN533:1995 Index
3, ISO 14116, FIA 8856-2000, FIA 1986 Standard.
Open face crash helmets are permitted but MUST be used with a fire-resistant balaclava.
The use of motocross style crash helmets is not permitted.
The following standards are accepted; FIA 8860-2004. SNELL SA2010. SNELL SA2005.
SNELL SA2000. SNELL SAH2010. SFI Foundation 31.1A, 31.2A. BS 6658 Type A/FR.
Helmets only and must not be damaged. Chin strap must be in good order with no tears.
Any passengers for passenger rides must wear a helmet whilst on track that matches the
standards required of the driver’s helmet.